Resolve Dental Complaints

The Dayton Dental Society Peer Review Committee reviews matters concerning quality of care and appropriateness of treatment and offers a non-threatening opportunity for patients and dentists to resolve disputes when they cannot do so on their own. The committee acts upon a written request from a patient. Its responsibility is to explore matters referred to it within a period that makes its efforts effective and expeditious.

Peer Review is not a disciplinary body and does not have the authority or inclination to issue fines, take actions against a dentist’s license or make its findings public.

The best step to resolve a dispute with your dentist is to make an appointment to talk to the dentist openly about your concerns. Remain calm, non-accusatory, and give your dentist time to consider the problem and to make a suggestion that is acceptable to both of you. If you are still unsatisfied, The Dayton Dental Society offers a "Peer Review" program designed to resolve conflicts between the dentist and patient. Conflicts must be of a clinical nature regarding appropriateness or quality of care. This program DOES NOT review cases concerning administrative issues, such as personnel issues or billing problems or complaints that involve services received outside of the statute of limitations.

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