2022 CE Courses

Friday, January 21, 2022

Dr. Julian Conejo

"The Digital evolution: Predictable Clinical Implementation"

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Friday, October 21, 2022

Dr. Fred Peck

Friday, December 9, 2022

Dr. Brad Purcell

2022 Annual Clinic Meeting

March 2, 2022

Dr. Bruce Christopher

"Why are Women So Strange and Men So Weird?" and "Are We Having Fun Yet?"

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Medical Complications in Dental Practice

  • Dr. Daniel Becker's Course
  • Course fulfills requirement for hygienist practicing without a dentist present (other requirements apply)
  • 3.5 hour video viewed and test taken at Dayton Dental Society
  • 4 CEU's awarded for passing test
  • Fees must be paid prior to taking course

Please contact Dayton Dental Society for cost and course schedule

Radiology Home Study Course

Entire course must be completed within 60 days.

  • Home Study Course – 3 weeks to study book, take test and return to Society
  • After passed test, Clinical Training to be completed and signed Affidavit returned to Society
  • 18 CEU's awarded for passed test and Clinical Affidavit completed within guidelines
  • Fees must be paid prior to taking course

Please contact Dayton Dental Society for cost and book availability

Radiology Review Video

  • Two Hour Video viewed at Dayton Dental Society (no test required)
  • 2 CEU's awarded
  • Fees must be paid prior to viewing video

Please contact Dayton Dental Society for cost and course schedule

Pharmacotherapeutic and Medical Considerations in Dental Practice

Daniel E. Becker, DDS
Associate Director General Practice Residency
Miami Valley Hospital


This series consists of three online courses addressing pharmacotherapeutics and medical considerations that impact dental practice. The series is intended as an update and review for practicing dentists, but may be of interest to dental hygienists as well.

Each course awards 12 CEU and consists of self-study with unlimited online (e-mail) communication with the course instructor. Following registration, participants are provided with objectives and study materials.

  • The instructor will assign a homework quiz for each topic included in a course. Participants will then submit answers via e-mail. Homework will be graded and returned with comments.
  • Once all homework assignments are completed, the participant will be provided a multiple-choice examination, covering all topics contained in each course. (40 questions)
  • Participants will be awarded 12 CEU for each course following satisfactory completion of homework questions and a 70% score on the final examination.

Course A: Pharmacotherapeutics in Dental Practice

  • Principles of Pharmacology
  • Analgesics
  • Glucocorticosteroids
  • Antimicrobial Drugs

Course B: Pharmacotherapeutics in Dental Practice

  • Autonomic Pharmacology
  • Local Anesthetics and Vasopressors
  • Sedative/Anxiolytics and Antiemetics

Course C: Medical Considerations in Dental Practice

  • General Principles and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Pulmonary, Endocrine, Obstetrical
  • Renal, Neural, Psychiatric and Gastrointestinal


Each course awards 12 CEU. Cost to Dayton Dental Society Members is $225 ($600 if registering for 3 course series). For nonmembers, cost is $325 ($900 if registering for 3 course series.) Detailed explanation and registration forms for all courses can be obtained by contacting the Dayton Dental Society Office.